Our Process

What To Expect

When you call Chase Global Security, you’ll receive high-quality private security and customer service at Southern California’s best rates. In order to design protection to meet your unique needs, we invest the time and effort necessary to conduct a thorough assessment before developing a customized security strategy.

With every client, we adhere to the following step-by-step process.

Our free consultation involves a detailed discussion about your security needs and concerns. We will want to know what type of property you have, its location, and any past crimes. We will also ask additional questions that will help us understand the kind of protective services, you are interested in what you need to be protected, and if you have any potential or specific threats.

Following our consultation, we will provide a detailed proposal that includes an honest and accurate quote. Our rates are always low, but if a competitor’s price is more economical, we’ll match or beat it. Proposals can be sent via email or fax or presented in person.

To fully assess your security needs, one of our security managers will then arrange to meet with you on-site for a walk-through and to clarify exactly what your security plan will be.

We will adjust the contract as necessary until we can achieve complete agreement on expectations, terms, and scope of service.

We craft the final security plan and post orders based upon the contract, prior conversations with the client, and what we learn from our site visits. Post orders consist of detailed instructions to inform our guards of their duties.

We take into a considerable skill set, experience, and personality when deciding which of our guards will best serve your needs. Chosen guards will then be trained on the post orders designed for your site, and given any additional pertinent information, they’ll need to properly protect your site.

Guards will arrive on-time, dressed appropriately, and prepared to work. All our guards are required to wear identifiable security attire as dictated by the environment, which ranges from professional to casual. Our security measures include daily communication between our guards and management team and mandatory weekly in-house meetings to keep all of our personnel up-to-date on our clients and their needs.

Clients are provided with daily activity reports, incident reports, and a list of any parking violation warnings. They are encouraged to communicate directly with our management team, who are available 24 hours a day. Management will also regularly request client feedback on services and personnel, as well as to conduct random on-site visits.

We bill regular and ongoing accounts biweekly. If you have a temporary account, we will require a pre-authorization charge form, and run the charge upon completion of service.

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Security Officer Appearance

We strongly believe that the appearance of a Security Officer is critical. They are a representation of our company and your location. We’ll consider your preferences and recommend the best fit for your location, business and clientele.

Professional Appearance:

A tie, vest, or blazer with a long sleeve standard company uniform shirt. This includes black pants, black shoes and a company badge. All company shirts are in navy blue or white and come in long or short sleeves.

Security Guard Training



Chase Global Security has the most highly-trained and knowledgeable security guards due to our investigative background checks and the intense training we provide. Chase Global Security arranges an extensive background check before hiring a security guard. Chase Global Security also uses E-Verify to conduct all of the background checks on all potential employees to ensure they are fully capable of withholding the company image and professionalism Chase Global Security has set forth.

Chase Global Security’s approach to the training and development of security staff incorporates extensive classroom and position-specific sessions that begin with the officer’s initial assignment and continue throughout a security officers career.


Chase Global Security is a Los Angeles based company that provides security guard services throughout Southern California.
We are constantly training and hiring security guards and dispatchers who maintain radio communication with each other at all times. This constant communication between the dispatcher and security guard enables us to offer instant assistance to our officers in the field, and provide a faster, more efficient, service to our clients.
Field Supervisors in radio equipped patrol vehicles inspect the post and officer randomly and frequently. For every 8 hour shift, about 2-3 random courtesy inspections (seen & unseen) are performed. Field supervisors fill out a security guard evaluation form which includes Field supervisors fill out a security guard evaluation form which includes, but is not limited to, checking the officer’s performance, uniform appearance, daily reports, and overall awareness.
We ensure the highest level of satisfaction and take it upon ourselves to provide the best possible security services offered anywhere. We take pride in our officer’s abilities to protect you and keep you away from harm and danger.

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Why Choose us? 17 REASONS TO CHOOSE US

    1. Chase Global Security has the best hourly rates for Security Guard Services and the best flat rates for Vehicle Patrol Services. Our rates are very competitive in Southern California.
    2. We are a top rated security company with the Better Business Bureau.
    3. We are bonded and carry higher than state required General Liability, Workman’s Compensation and Commercial Auto Liability Insurance policies. We can tailor any required limits to our client’s insurance needs upon request.
    4. We provide a free Mobile Phone App Based Clock-In System which is GPS Enabled that pinpoints the Guards location to ensure their presence and have them perform hourly safety checks to ensure their active and alert.
    5. We provide courtesy round the clock supervision. Our Supervisors check on the post and Guards randomly, seen or unseen, and frequently. For about every 8 hour shift, about 1-2 checks are performed on the Guards to make sure his/her appearance, performance and uniform are at your demand and our quality.
    6. If needed, we provide a Patrol Tour System (Detex) to ensure that patrols are getting done and that there is a history of how often and how well your property is checked.
    7. We provide communication systems, which includes cell phone, pagers and radios. That way, you can contact our officers immediately as necessary.
    8. Our Clients have access to our security management 24-hours a day with direct cell phone numbers.
    9. We have no overtime charges to our clients, with the exception of major holidays.
    10. Our security guards are highly trained and professional. Training includes, but is not limited to, CPR/First Aid, Pepper Spray, Baton, Firearms, and Power to Arrest. Cal-OSHA’s heat illness and injury prevention programs.
    11. We offer our Security Guard Service on a month-to-month basis, which means that no long term contract is required.
    12. We provide marked cars, golf carts or bicycles when large areas need to be covered.
    13. Although our headquarters is located in the Los Angeles county, we provide service across Southern California and some parts of Northern California.
    14. If our Client has an issue with a Guard for any reason and is not fixable, we will replace the Guard immediately.
    15. We provide weekly updates via email and/or phone. Incidents are reported immediately.
    16. All Patrol Vehicles are equipped with a GPS system to ensure patrols are being done properly. (Patrol Service Only)
    17. We have a variety styles of security uniform’s to fit your location needs and preference.