Construction Site Security

Our 24/7 Construction Guards are trained in all aspects of Construction Sites to deter and protect your most valuable assets by helping reduce vandalism, employee pilferage, graffiti, theft, trespassing, loitering and other suspicious activities. Our standing construction guards offer exceptional security services including patrol and perimeter checks, gate access control for wanted and unwanted vehicles, Daily Activity reports. Daily Activity Reports (D.A.R.) can be designed to include truck logs, material watch logs, equipment movement logs, and more. 

Bonded, licensed and insured Chase Global Security provides both standing guards and mobile vehicle patrols for construction sites. Our guards will arrive in security uniforms that are designed for construction jobsites: a construction vest over our standard company uniform with company badges, duty belt, and hard hat. Our guards are supervised through two mandatory management visits per shift, and tracked through a Mobile Phone App System and Detex GPS tracking system.

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